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Plug wire resistance variance?

Greetings forum members,

Can anyone tell me what, if any, is the permissable spark plug wire resistance variance.
I just checked the plug wires on my 1972 350sl, m117 engine, and the resistances ranged from 6.05 ohms to 6.36 ohms.
Is this acceptable?
As posted earlier I have an engine shutter between 1300 & 1500 rpms.
My ideal plug resistance is 6 ohms, 1 ohm at the cap and 5 ohms at the plug.
Could this variance be responsible for the shutter?
The trigger points have been ruled out as the problem.
The shutter occurs with them disconnected.
The engine is almost running premo thanks to this forum.
I am very thankful for all the assistance.
I just came off a 250 mile trip from Boston to central Jersey and averaged 16 plus miles per gallon which included a fair amount of stop and go traffic.
The owner's manual rates the car for 17 mpg @ 68 mph.
Highway/City mpg = 17/11 mpg

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