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I got about six items into the 14 item description of code 2 and erased it last night when I realized that repeats were included and the the difference was in the testing; to voluminous too possibly write.

Code 2 via the impulse counting method can be further deliniated to six separate codes if one uses a scanner. Erik is right the problem is likely in the throttle assy EA/CC/ISC, but a number of the items under code two refer to the closed throttle switch.

The code 11 is again 4 possible codes with HHT. They all revolve around : fuel safety shut-off and closed throttle recognition.

I would say the problem is that the controller is having a hard time deciding where closed throttle is.

I doubt that this is covered by MB, but consider the throttle assy an investment as if yours is original its basically a failure in waiting.
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