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Here are the codes i pulled of all the pins!

Pin#3: 6 and 12 >>

PIn 3 is the emmisiions module and the same codes you can get with the built-in sw/led.
6-idle speed control inoperative
12- O2 sens heater open/shorted.

Pin#7: 1 >>

Pin 7 is a/c module and 1 flash is "No codes stored"

Pin#8: 8 >>

Pin 8 is HFM-SFI module .
8-ISC system

Pin#14: 2 and 11 >>

Pin 14 is ea/cc/isc module
2-cc/isc control module
11-closed throttle recognition sig- fuel shut off

As you have cleaned the throttle , it is possible to trip some of these codes if you hand lift the throttle cable. This will trip a
"Limp home Code " and must be cleared.
If you have unplugged the o2 sens, the same can apply..
So, write down your existing codes and erase them.
Now start from scratch to obtain the correct codes.
From there , a HHT scanner will give you a better, more detailed diagnoses...

As said, check wire harness closely....

And you may want to take SB up on the pdf file for future reference....

I see you made the tool ????
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