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Euro lights/reflector/blubs

For bulbs, I would use OSRAM 100W/80W bulbs, or I would use Hella optiplex blubs, they are pretty good.

when you put on a relay kit, you are going to have to do a lot of soldering if you dont want to drill holes through your cover in your euro lights. Putting relays on your lights will help a lot. If you look at the webpage I posted it tells you how to do it.

Reflectors. I have heard about doing this, but I havent tried it, but you can. Get three gallons of distilled water. In one of them put a few drops of dish soap and mix it up. It would be better to stir it than shake it. Get another bottle and put some jet dry in it, and mix that. Leave the third bottle as is.
1) pour the soap mixture on the reflector, then rinse with distilled water.
2) pour the jet dry mixture on the reflector, and then rinse that off

Then blow air over the reflector with an air compressor.

I have done this method too, but you have to be extremely careful not to rub off the coating.
1) get zep glass cleaner and put it on the reflector, just mist it on
2) wipe it with paper towels

if your reflector turns brown, it wont reflect light very well, and you will notice that the light on the road is worse than when you started with a dirty reflector.

Hope this helps you,

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