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Old 05-15-2002, 12:53 PM
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OK, found the aux fuse box (just behind power brake assy). It has 3 30amp fuse strips. Guess which one was missing? Yep, the aux fan fuse, screws and all. Apparently someone has monkeyed with this system before (my wife bought the car a few years ago). I replaced it with the one from the rear window defroster. Here's what I get now when I troubleshoot.

With everything connected properly and the key ON, I removed the leads to the CTS and nothing happens. I jumpered the HiPress sw at the rec/drier and both come on, but they sound like they are at hi-spd. I jumpered with the CTS leads connected and disconnected and still sounds like hi-speed. The resistor shows 0 resistance when cold.

What now?
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