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Ď88 300TE: Rough idle, low idle speed

Occurs mainly after itís warmed up. Also intermittently bogs down when accelerating from a stop until about 2000 rpm. Its starts up fine warm or cold. The following parts are new: copper plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor, O2 sensor. The following I checked and found to be O.K.: OVP fuse, coolant sensor, coil, crank sensor, EZL resistor, EHA, altitude sensor. It has no codes stored but it did have codes for the EHA and altitude sensor which I cleared and they never came back. The last thing I tried was disconnecting the wire to the idle speed air valve. It seemed to smooth out the idle to an acceptable level even with A/C on and I havenít been able to get it to bog down on a test drive. Is there a way to test the valve? Iím tempted to leave it disconnected, would it cause any problems? Any other areas to check such as EGR or injectors?
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