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Your website was very informative and when I combined your site with the links you provided to Roncallo's site I gained quite a bit of insite into what's under the dash.

One thing I failed to mention is that my 107 is a '78 Euro, and all the heater controls are completely manual. The only vacuum pods I have under the dash connect to the fresh air vents (I think). The entire mechanism to control temps and route air from floor to defrost vent is entirely manual - I suspect exactly like the '73 US 450s. Since some of my mechanical parts are broken I would like to just take the dash out and see what the previous owner has done to the car, because I know things aren't like they would have been straight from the factory.

I was curious where to "pry" on the A pillar covers so as not to crack or break them.

Sorry for leaving out this info in my previous post.


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