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Question ? Signs of a failing A/C clutch or compressor?

I have a 91 300 E 134A converted which has a pronounced whine with the A/C on (I can't tell if it's normal because I haven't owned it though a summer yet.). It very obvious that the whine is from the compressor, do to the fact that you can hear it cut in and out with the engine power loss and gain.

But, Just yesterday after about a 2 hour trip I left the car running in park with the A/C on. After about 5 min. I came back to the car, started to drive (punched the hi fan button), then it started to squeal, the steering got stiff, brakes got stiff and the noise got louder when I came to a stop. I turned the A/C off and it stopped. It did it a few more times, but only with the A/C on, fan on Hi and only at slow braking speeds. A/C still works, but I feel this is the start of some pending failure. Searched and found nothing.

I'm looking at buying a rebuilt clutch to start or would someone recommend different. What does a worn clutch sound like when it is failing.
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