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So basically, the throttle actuator on early M104's (93-95??) need to be replaced often because the wiring harnesses on the actuator's go bad?

Is it because the insulation on the wiring degrades just like the frequently discussed engine wiring harnesses?

Is there any other part of the throttle actuator that fails, or is it just the wiring harness portion?

Based on Steveb's comments, is it something that will go bad eventually, even if it hasn't yet?

I bought a throttle actuator (from Fastlane) to cure my idle problem (idle was hunting up and down). Didn't install it because I was unsure of my diagnosis from reading the archives. It turned out to be a vacuum leak at the intake manifold.

I still have the actuator at home and was going to sell it or return it. I wonder if I should keep it and install it now, or wait until the part actually goes bad.

Or, I could sell it to Adam Bourassa. Wanna buy it from me? We have the same engine.
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