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Tyre Rotation Question

Hi everyone!

Which of the following is TRUE of Tyre Rotation :

1. Swapping the front tyres (and rims) with rear tyres (and rims)
2. Swapping the front tyres (w/o rims) with rear tyres (w/o rims)

I am asking because I am expecting my new set of 18X8.5J rims (all round), but because the front rim is high-disk with a shallow "lip" (shallow dish) and the rear rim is mid-disk with a deeper "lip" (deep dish), thus the rims could not be swapped in the event that I want to rotate the tyres.

During tyre rotation, does the tyre get removed? Anyone who knows anything, pls advise, cos I need to decide on my tyre sizes. If tyre rotation can be done for my case, then I will buy similar size tyres all-round. If not, then I will go for a staggered tyre setup, which is likely 225/45/18 and 255/35/18.


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