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Tire rotation is typically done on cars with a tire/wheel combination that is symmetrical front to rear. If your wheels are assymetrical, the expense and trouble of changing tires on wheels and rebalancing would not be cost effective.

Added to the cost, unless you have the facilities to do this yourself so that you know it's done right, would probably be very frustrating.

It is difficult enough to find a shop that will balance correctly one time, much less trying to get it done every time. There may be an exception to this rule for you if you know someone who properly balances YOUR wheels and does it right. Doing it right involves a computer balancer AND an operator who will bother to DYNAMICALLY balance your wheels. All too many shops simply set their machine for static balance and put the balance weights ONLY on the inboard rim of the wheels. If you don't want balance weights on the outside edge for aesthetic reasons, you need someone who will bother using hidden tape weights for the outboard plane.

IF you have found someone who will rebalance your wheels in this way EVERY time, and you want to put up with the expense and time to do this, then go for it.

The money spent on rotation in this manner would probably exceed the money it would take to replace the tires at an earlier time.

My $0.02,
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