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Hi all,
I recently purchased a 1993 190 2.6 from dealer with 54kmi and perfect service records. Car is in immaculate shape, just passed through the 60kmi service no problem. So far, only new tires, brakes, rear struts and one flex coupling replaced (the coupling was a surprise, BTW).

I love the car. It makes me happy.

My questions are fairly generic, but I hear this-and-that about the quality of certain models and I'd like some reputable info from the pros on this stuff. I've heard:

1) Only a matter of time before head gasket blows and costs $5k.
2) Tranny will last until 130kmi and then cost $5k for a rebuild.
3) Water pumps go every 75kmi.
4) Engine is SUPPOSED to run at 100-degree mark (ie the next slash above the 80-mark) in stop-and-go traffic and at long idle periods, then cool down quickly once underway in clean air. Supposedly, this is not detrimental.
5) Learning to repair window switches and motors at home will save thousands of dollars a year.

Okay, so I'm being a little over-the-top here, but the bottom line question is:

What are the problems endemic to this model-year car?

Personally I like the styling of the 190 over the C-class, but I bought the last production year to also get away from new-model gremlins that even MBZ suffers from.

Thank you for the imput - I do appreciate knowing what I might prepare for. And please, no horror stories from those of you foolish enough to think you have acquired the knowledge by simply owning one mid-80's 190 2.3 for a couple of months. I can find those stories anywhere.

Best regards,