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Mickey, sarcasm doesn't come through well via this medium, hence the confusion about first statement. Say what you really mean!

Matt, if you are mechanically inclined, many maintenance items are easily performed on your car which may save you some money. I personally am a Mercedes owner who couldn't afford one if I hadn't bought an older model, and didn't do most of my own maintenance.

If I could just get my wife to let me drive it once in a while!

I agree with Benzmac, if you keep it in good shape it will perform for you. But that's probably true of most vehicles. (Case-in-point, my other car is an...ugh...3 cylinder 1990 Geo Metro, which has been well maintained (by me) and has 115,000 miles on it, and still runs like a top, although it's not much bigger than a top.)

88' 190E 2.3
126,500 mi.

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