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Unhappy Vacuum check

OK, on the 1989 560 SEL with 98 k miles, I've got the same problem so often lamented here on the board - standard start when cold, bad start when hot after waiting (i.e. you start is right away after stopping, it's fine, but twenty minutes later, it's rough). SRS light stays on for a sec - I don't know if it's because of low voltage due to a bad voltage regulator/brushes, or because the engine runs rough and only on a few cylinders (so it seems) and the altenator isn't turning quickly enough.Once the engine has been reved up, everything seems perfect, and the car wants to go. SRS light goes off, of course, and never comes on again (it's only lit for a second or two after starting). The OVP has been fixed, the idle is a little rough when warm, but not too bad. Wires, plugs, rotor, cap are all new, as are the injector seals.

I think it's on the original fuel accumulator, but before I start swapping parts a la shotgun in the fuel system, I'd like to do a vacuum check, just to be sure. I've got a gauge, but where is the best spot to connect it?

Any other diagnostic ideas (going to the dealer is LAST RESORT here...)?

p.s. When I did the injector seals, I did find some injectors more wet than others. Does this mean they are leaking, or is this normal?

Thanks in advance for any comments...
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