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W124 Shifter Bushing TIPS

I just got finished replacing both shifter linkage bushings on my W124 and I have found some easier ways to do it.

For the back one (the one attached to the shifter):
Many posts on this forum talk about making a special tool and getting up under there to do it. But, I spent 3 hours under my car trying to get mine in with no luck. Then, I gave up and decided to completely remove the shifter from the car. This took about 15 minutes to remove and I had the car back together with the new bushing within 30 minutes (as opposed to getting under the car for 3 hours with no success). If you do it this way, be sure to remove the clip and the rod from the shifter before you take it out.

For the Front one (the one in the transmission):
There are 4 bolts under the bushing that help support the transmission, so to begin, remove those. Before you remove them, put a jack under the transmission to make sure you don't damage anything. After you take them out, lower the jack until the transmission stops lowering. Then, put something behind the hole where the bushing goes to keep the metal part from bending. Put the bushing in the hole on the opposite side of where the holder is and force it in with a crowbar. It goes in perfectly and almost effortlessly.

Hope this helps,
1988 260E
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