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It's super simple.

Make sure #1 cyl is at TDC on a compression stroke. Pull the distributor cap and note where the rotor is pointing, then look at the rim of the the distributor. You will see a tick mark out on the edge. Loosen the hold down clamp and center the rotor on that tick mark. Tighten everything up and put back together.

With the vacuum line attached to the EZL, using a timing light you should see the timing is 10-12*BTDC, if you disconnect and plug that line the timing should be 5-7*BTDC.

That is all you can do, the timing isn't adjustable. I thought I could adjust the timing too, and when I twisted the distributor and saw the timing move I was sure I could - until I discovered I only saw the engine responding to the idle change as it warmed up.
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