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Need a little advice from the pros

On this page I have seen those that say 420sel chains break because pieces of the guides break off and get lodged in the chain, breaking it, and those that say the chain breaks from stretch. So here is my problem:

I've found a beautiful '88 420sel for sale with 120k, and I think it is fair to negotiate the price of the car down based on the cost of having this issue addressed. Obviously, if all it needs is guides the repair is quite inexpensive, but if it also needs a new chain rolled in I think I am looking at between $600-$1k.

Unfortunately, the dealer (a Mercedes dealer!) is saying that the timing chain isn't an issue. I certainly don't agree, based on my two years of reading posts on this board, but I want to be more informed. In response to a similar question about a 560, stevebfl said just replace the guides. Is there some difference between the 560 chain and the 420 chain? What would you guys do?


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