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Hi Larry, many thanks for the fast reply! I've read quite a number of your posts in regards to staggered wheels/tyres, really helpful!

I got a hunch that rotating tyres on assymetrical wheels isnt going to be the way to go, and now that you have explained why, I'll stick to your advice and dont bother with rotating the tyres. I agree with you that the expense and trouble of changing tires on wheels and rebalancing would not be cost effective.

And unfortunately, I also do not know of someone competent to balance my wheels dynamically every time I swap my rubbers.

So Larry, you're right, I'll stick to staggered tyres. Most importantly, I dont drive much, so it would be quite some time before I need to replace those tyres, and the cost really would expectedly be musch less than the $$ spent on doing rotation on assymetrical wheels.

Thanks for the help!!

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