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For the transmission you need:

-8 quarts of transmission fluid (you will only put in about 7.3ish total though)
-Pan Gasket
-Crush Washers for the two drain plugs
5mm allen key or socket for getting the drain plug on the pan and torque converter out. And an appropriate means for rotating the engine (clockwise only!!!! when looking back at the engine from the front of the car, it should turn towards the drivers side) to get the torque converter drain plug into view down below.

Its a REAL messy job, I'd have the dealer do it if you at all doubt your abilities. Get ANY dirt in there and you'll have needs to be clean on the molecular level....also, its not a good idea to mix brands or types of fluid...even if the (doesn't know what he's talking about) store clerk says so.

An excellent brand/type of fluid is Valvoline Dexron VI Full Synthetic ATF, its backwards compatible and works great....I am using it in 5 MB's currently with excellent results.

For the Power steering you need:

-Turkey baster thing (to suck some fluid out of the pump)
-Normal Power steering fluid - Do NOT use ATF in the Power Steering unless you want it to leak!

You can either get a bunch of fluid, disconnect the return line into a suitable container and run the engine in short spurts to "flush" new fluid through, or just suck some out of the pump reservoir and pour some new stuff in a few times on different occasions....its good enough to do that. Don't run the pump dry.

For the differential:

It can be a pain to get the drain plugs out, do the top one first so you can be sure you're able to fill it once you drain it.

75w90 of most any gear oil (normal or synthetic) is fine

Good luck!
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