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I had the same problem about two weeks ago, the only difference it was the drivers side seat that when I brought it all the way forward it wouldn't go back. I did a search here and on Deja.Com and got excellent information on the problem. It is the switch, which you can replace by buying a new on, or you can remove the switch and clean up the contacts. Removing the switch requires carefully pulling of the controls and then a small plastic lock washer. Then two phillips screws. Carefully take the connectors off the back of the switch and either replace it with a new one or get ready for delicate surgery. The internals of the switch consists of springs, ball bearings and copper connectors. If you take it a part, be gentle and do it inside of a bowl or a table with raised edges so the ball bearings don't run away. As for reassembly, a tip a gleaned from this board was this, use a little diaelectric tune-up grease to hold the ball bearings on to of the springs, so that you can place the top of the switch on. My switch works perfectly now.