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squeaky brakes

At least when your brakes squeal the ABS doesn't kick in, like mine.

I too have tried just about everything. I have sanded the rotors and pads both. It ends the squeaking and the ABS shutter problems for a week, then its back. SO I have tried the sanding.

I have used a lot of paste on the backs of the pads and it doesnt seem to help. So paste doesnt work.

The abs, I tightened the rotor bolt, and then torqued the lug bolts to 90 ft lbs and that ened that, but the sqeal is still there.

Someone posted earlier that other cars dont sqeak, so I started paying attention, most every car does, but the benzes just do it louder. Benz's always do everything better =), but thats bad this time.

As far as landrovers go, my brothers never squeals. 91 rover. So I dont know what the problem with that is.

Maybe we should all just upgrade to better than OEM pads or to racing pads. Has anyone tired this?

So whoever finds the solution to mercedes squeaky pads, please let us know =).


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