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Originally Posted by DAVID LEE View Post
One thing I failed to mention is that my 107 is a '78 Euro, and all the heater controls are completely manual. The only vacuum pods I have under the dash connect to the fresh air vents (I think). The entire mechanism to control temps and route air from floor to defrost vent is entirely manual - I suspect exactly like the '73 US 450s. Since some of my mechanical parts are broken I would like to just take the dash out and see what the previous owner has done to the car, because I know things aren't like they would have been straight from the factory.

I was curious where to "pry" on the A pillar covers so as not to crack or break them.

Sorry for leaving out this info in my previous post.


You shouldnt need to take the dash out unless you want to replace the whole heater box, I worked on my manual system and apart from the levers below each vent the rest is in behind the centre console with levers operating directly on the flaps. You can get to the heat blending flaps by removing the fan under the hood.
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