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Yeah, sometimes. My dad was the Director General of Health and Welfare, working directly for the Minister back under Monique Begin and then Jake Epp when Mulroney took power.

When he arrived in Ottawa, there was a small fleet of Limo's in the parking garage. When he asked his EA what they were for, she replied:

"Why, for you sir, of course."

Whenever we'd come to visit, I'd be shocked at the levels of waste. Of course, there were also areas where they needed MORE money. Typical big organization that has difficulty allocating resources properly.

And yes, under my Dad the limosines were eliminated, and the DG drove his own car and filled out a mileage expense claim, like everyone else.

What drove my Dad out of Federal civil service were the cost-cutting measures under Epp. He kept the waste, and eliminated good people. It was a terrible time in Ottawa. The stress of firing so many people, people that were deperately needed, took it's toll on Dad. He "retired" at 47.

As noble as government service can be, it can also be frustrating in the extreme.
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