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From the millions in Grants for nothing to bogus companies - the lost millions in $1000 bills at the mint that were to be destroyed - but went missing - and we apathetic Canucks say - "the govt. squanders Govt. money - but what can you do?" Please realize - THERE IS NO GOVT. MONEY - It is your hard earned money given to govt. to provide services for YOU! When govt. wastes money - it is YOUR money they waste.
The govt civil service union is now airing an ad on radio - apparently the Cnd. govt. wants to quit having civil servants supply the food chain requirements for getting food and supplies to our troops in Afganistan and instead want to give it to a British firm that can do it cheaper. The union ad states "do you want your troops to be supplied by caring Canadians or a company who is only interested in a profitable bottom line?" Socialism is scary - isn't it?
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