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Originally posted by moedip
Socialism is scary - isn't it?
Well, I'm actually quite socialistic in my outlook. I believe strongly in social justice.

I think we have done much to smooth the boom/bust cycle through monetary policy and the creation of programs like "EI" which aid families through transitional stages and sudden downturns in the economy. I don't like EI premiums being a cash-cow for the feds, though. It's an insurance plan, not a tax grab.

I do agree strongly with wide-ranging and universally accessed health care and education programs. A well educated and healthy citizen population is better for all people, regardless of economic status. Wealthy people benefit from lower crime rates, and companies have education costs spread over the entire tax base. Our per-capita cost for health care is still much lower than the US, despite universal access.

But, our current Federal gov't has betrayed Canadians on many levels. They tell us there's no more money for education, health care, or infrastructure, and then can whip $6 Billion up for increased airport security and other "security" measures. And $101 Million for a new private jet pair for the PM and Cabinet. Fly coach buck-o's. The list of recent fiscal debacles is long indeed. And the sad part is, most of it is based on corruption.

Our problem in Canada has nothing to do with the amount of tax dollars that we collect. There's plenty. The problem is that our elected officials see no reason to safeguard those funds, and ensure that they are being spent to the benefit of all/most Canadians.

But, do we think that any of the "challengers" would be any different? Even the NDP gov't's that we have elected have shown themselves to become nothin but a bunch of self-serving greed-infested morons once they take office. I have voted in every federal/provincial/municipal election since I was of age. But, young people don't vote. I asked some. "Why bother? They're all the same. Change comes from the outside, not the inside in this country."

It's getting tougher to disagree with them...
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