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Sorry to disagree with you - but a country can only be strong with a political system that has both a right wing and a left wing. Here in Canada we have a right - left wing (Conservative - Alliance) - a center left wing (Liberals) and a left - left wing (NDP) There is no Capitalist right wing - although I hear rumblings from Alberta that such a party MIGHT start up. Show me a socialist country that has been around for over 100 years - There is none. The capitalistic USA has been around for over 200 years - their system (though not perfect) works! As one person told me once " An eagle cannot soar with two right wings or two left wings - it will flounder. But an eagle with a good right wing and a good left wing - in balance - can soar to new heights" In The USA substitute Republican and Democrat for the words left and right. In Canada use Conservative, Alliance, Liberal, NDP and Communist party for the word left. Unfortunately - we have no right wing. With all parties agreeing on the same stuff - from different angles - there really is no choice - and you wonder why some Canadians are so ticked off that they don't vote?
The parties are all the same and each pull the same stupid things to pull the wool over our eyes. When the Reform Party looked threatening to the Liberals - they hauled out the magic phrase that the Reform Party had a (ready for it) "HIDDEN AGENDA". They never said what that agenda was - but it scared Canadians enough to keep the Reform from power. Here in Manitoba - the last Provincial election - The Far left NDP accused the long serving Conservatives of (are you ready) "HALLWAY MEDICINE" - because there are too few beds in hospitals - people were forced to stay in hallways for recovery and treatment. The NDP got elected - and you know what they did? THEY CURED HALLWAY MEDICINE!- They spent millions removing the hallways from hospitals and turned them into open area treatment regions! - Guess what? They cannot be accused of Hallway Medicine!!!
I'm sorry - but since Trudeau - this country has been going downhill. New Zealand went bankrupt - with a smaller national debt than we have - and just recently - so did Venezuela (however you spell it) . Check out your facts - we are more in debt per capita for federal, provincial and municipal debt(not deficit - actual debt owing to others) by more than double what the USA is in debt per capita.
Who protects our country - The Canadian Peace Keepers? No - the US Military - Why? because our govt. decimated our armed forces to the point that they can no longer protect this country without the help of our southern neighbours. The True North STRONG and Free???
- I can only wish.
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