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Question Mass Air Sensor Not Covered

It turns out the Mass Air Sensor is NOT covered under the 8 year emissions warranty. In the emissions warranty booklet it clearly states any item with an * next to it is covered for 8 years. Any other part without an * next to it is covered for 2 years/24,000 miles. Some big parts are covered, like the ECU for 8 years.

This was discovered and understood after extensive talks with the service department manager, warranty manager, etc... The emissions warranty booklet is fairly clear, you need to read the small print on the bottom of the page. As luck would have it, my 4 year bumper to bumper warranty expired in Feb of 2002. So, not covered under 4 year since I was out of warranty time and my car was not purchased "starmark used".

End story, the car now runs better than new. They changed the oil, tightened the steering bolts, replaced the MAS & air filter, washed it, and the repair is now under warranty for 12 months.

One last question, is the MAS really a $540.00 part ? Why ?
I could have purchased a home personal computer for that much !
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