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Hey everyone,

I was able to get to car looked at today already instead of next tuesday, it wasn't anything.
The stuff leaking was P/S fluid, it was leaking from what the mech described as a very small hose which was not replaced during the P/S pump reseal, even though it only costs about 40 Chf. The dealer I went to before is never getting any of my money again. Oh well, the good news is, I now found a REAL tech, and I got, for a small price in comparison of what I mentally prepared for, a complete check of the chain as well as the rest of the car. Everything's fine and dandy....

I just wanted to say Thank You for your replies, it feels good to know that there is somebody 5000 miles away who will take the time to sit and write to help out someone they don't even know.

I am now going to enjoy a sunny Friday night with my 500E....

And tomorrow, country driving in my 63 Impala....

Cheers everyone

1991 500e
1963 Impala SS
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