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I just did this on a 1990 300TE, wife says the blower motor is running slow so I drove it and determined that the blower motor wasn't running at all. As the motor was suspect anyway I went ahead replaced the blower motor assembly. Not easy, but not too hard. At anyrate, sure nice to have a furnace in the old wagon's my list of parts and price to resolve this thing possibly (if you are interested).....80 amp fusestrip for blower motor $3.00 from Mercedes Benz themself, didn't work. So what I did was went out to a U-Pick-Em salvage yard and found a killer example in a 1993 300e sedan. I pulled it and it was $15 and it works great. As a result it cost me a sum total of $30 to replace an otherwise not working blower motor assembly...not Bosch's Behr.....this could of cost $400 instead of $ careful my friends
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