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Mine's an '87 with about 120K miles on it. I should point out the reason I am running Autofrost is because the previous compressor failed in a nasty way and vented the last of my R12. I had to disassemble & flush the entire system. While apart, I changed every o-ring, so using neoprene as recommended was not an issue. What remains to be seen is how well the compressor shaft seal holds up. Since I didn't want to risk trashing an expensive new or rebuilt compressor, I just got one from the boneyard. It's an original, unrebuilt Nippondenso off a 1987 190D. I just cleaned it up, adjusted the clutch gap down to specification, replaced the o-rings, and it's been running great ever since. High & low side pressures are comfortably within specifications, cooling is great; we'll see about durability.
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