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Accurate Remote Oil Level Reading

Completed the "not topsider" oil change last weekend sucessfully. Climbed under my C320, pulled the 2nd belly pan off (6 screws), dropped the drain plug and drained everything out. (Watch out, most catch container's don't catch 8.5 quarts of oil, I had a second on handy just in case, good thing.) Put everything back together, changed the filter insert and put in 8 quarts of Mobil 1 15W50.

Ran car to normal operating temp, parked on level ground, and checked oil via the dash cluster. The mechanism which remotely checks the oil must be pretty accurate, as it didn't state I was a quart low, but it did notice that I was shy of full and stated to bring the car in on time for the FSS interval. I suspect it thinks car is burning oil, which probably aint a great thing (it obviously isn't), but at least I'm more secure now not having a dipstick in my car.
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