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Thanks all.
The chain tensioning plunger was going to be my next question.
I removed it no problem. Made sure I put the plunger back in and I could not overcome the spring pressure to start the threads on the smaller thing that goes behind it and keeps it in. Tried to do it on the bench and still no luck. Things went flying. Even without the spring I could not get the plunger to lock in anywhere. Finally lost the washer or whatever you call the ring that is supposed to keep the plunger ratcheted. The only way I was able to get the plunger in was to start threading it and THEN putting the entire tensioner into the engine. So as far as I can tell there is NO ratcheting going on at all. I am thinking of playing it safe and buying the little washer thing that is supposed to provide the ratcheting from ******** and the little 'bullet' looking thing that I also seem to be missing. I'll see if I can find a parts picture to be more accurate.

I think I get the deal with putting the timing cover on WITHOUT the guide pin being in place now.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee
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