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timing tensioner anxiety

Referring to Steve Brothertons excellent article he writes:

"Installation involves putting the body of the tensioner back first, with the chain and cams timed. Then install the plunger, spring/spacer and end cap. The act of installing the spring will push the plunger into the chain tensioning rail. If it doesn't, it is because the clip/ring isn't starting in the ratcheting bore. In this case, tap the piston/plunger with a punch to start it in the bore. A distinct tap will do it, whereas the constant pressure of the spring may be more than your hand can handle. "

The "clip/ring" he refers to above is missing for me.
And even when I had this clip/ring I was not able to tap anything in to lock it so that I could get the back part of the tensioner threaded after putting the larger piece back on.

Would it be possible to replace this at the hardware store? I am also missing the thing that looks like a 'bullet' that is shown in the Brotherton article. I would buy the entire assembly again but what I see at AutohauzAZ does not show all the pieces that I have.

Thanks very much,
Jim Lee
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