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topsider blues..

Hi Sixto,

Thanks for the concern. But I did not hesitate to warm up the engine since at that point only 1 1/2 liter has been drained out (that slow!!!).

I also checked the gaskets, etc. and they are all in good working condition. The topsider, based on my experience, is not worth the money. I will try again in a month or so, but I see nothing that will improve its performance. The effort and the time (wasted) consumed just to change the oil using topsider is just not worth it. Of course, I based this on my experience today and others may have varying results but I was really disappointed and also surprised that a product with such poor performance (based on my actual use of it) are getting excellent feedback.

So to others planning to purchase this product, please lower your expectation as this is not what is seemed to be.

Oh I forgot to mention the difficulty in connecting those tubes that soap, water & wd40 seemed useless. The muscles on my fingers are still sore just to connect those tubes. They are a pain to connect and attach to the unit.

They will do the job, yes, but the hours wasted and the aggravation might make you rethink about doing the old fashion way.

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