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Originally Posted by Jorn View Post
Yes this is the car; I want it to been done properly. The only thing I'm worried about it now is it already got a salvage title.
The guy who hit me likes to solve it with out the insurance company but he is insured.
Take it to an independent shop with a good reputation. Their software will be able to give you a good idea if the vehicle is totaled. Also, it will give you a pretty good idea what the cost is going to be. 90% of the people who come into the shop looking to do the repair without the insurance company have absolutely no idea what it costs to repair a car. Wild guess is your car will cost ~2500 to repair. I have no idea what the car is worth, but most people would rather use the insurance they've paid for than bite that kind of nut. If you have parts, you may be able to lower the repair cost by providing those parts at a discount.

Hope you got a police report. If not, get some pictures of his car too, or have him sign a form accepting responsibility. I have seen these situations get ugly.
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