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I'm with Larry on this as far as the tendency for 103's to leak mainly from the front cover lip seal. My experience has been that the 103 rarely has a external oil leak from the head gasket itself. A failed headgasket on a 103 almost always is an internal leak from oil pressure into the cooling system, gives you the appealing "butterscotch in my coolant tank" effect.
On the actual repair, i have to disagree (if I understand his recommendation correctly) with the repair recommendation.
When reinstalling the lip seal (the U shaped seal Larry mentioned) only a thin film of oil is applied to the top of the lip seal. The ONLY sealant to use on this job is Loctite 5900, it's applied to the mating surface between the front cover and head (on the cover) and also prior to installing the lip seal a dab of 5900 is applied to the back of each side of the groove on the lower cover (the groove the lip seal squeezes into).
The 104's also leak from the front cover lip seal, but also from the right front corner of the head gasket (hard to tell between a front cover leak and a right front head gasket leak) and also the 104's will leak from the right rear corner of the head gasket. I've never seen a 104 mixing oil into the coolant like a 103 or a 102.
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