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Before owning my 1994 S320L,I owned a 1992 Lexus LS400 for 4 years.For these 4-yrs experience(done 90,000kms),I can say Lexus is a trouble-free car and extremely reliable, smooth,quiet sedan.Of course,it is not perfect.For example,the air suspension is too soft for high speed that you won't drive it faster that 120km/h(if you are spoiled by Mercedes extreme stability.)And the wind noise is too loud after 100km/h that becomes another main factor that contributes the unstable feeling.However,it is almost perfect in city-driving,everything is just right,smooth,quiet and so relexing that I have never found that feeling in my S-class and any other cars.At this point,Lexus seems far better than a Mercedes.No!,it isn't because one thing it can never beat a Mercedes---extreme well combination of stable and comfort feeling.Every time when I drive my Mercedes down motorway,I would forget it's bad pts and enjoy the excellent rides- Like a jumbo-jet carrying passengers in the 1st-class.And then I tell myself that I won't go for any other brands again.
From Davis Lo