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No apology necessary as I am kinda thick skinned. In this internet world it's hard to know who's who or who knows what and I understand.

Once you've been here at the "Shop" a while longer you will find there are a few people here who only work on cars for fun and who are only one step below the Mercedes trained technicians in skill level. You will begin to trust their word too - those are the guys I look up to. Michael and Larry - Thanks .

You might find that by reading as many of the posts as possible, rather than just subscribed posts, you will learn much, much more about your own car, even if the post doesn't pertain to your specific model. There are a lot of shared parts and equipment and a perticular problem may manifest itself in one model, and you can evaluate your problem or relate your experience to the problem model at hand.

As for pressure bleeders, they are great, I built my own for very little $$$. Try a search on "pressure bleeder" posted by "dlswinford", you'll find plans for your own. Great tool, load it with a quart of brake fluid, that coupled with the full resevoir of fresh fluid, you should have enough to bleed all four brakes with some left over.

Joe, if you are getting leaking at the valve stem on the resevoir cap, try easing off on the pressure a little, maybe 12 PSI.
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