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Frustrated with 190e... HELP?

I am about to off my 1985 190e 2.3 8V.. I had a blown headgasket and so I had the head rebuilt.. new everything including guides and cam. Cylinders looked great. I just finished putting it all back together and it does not run any better than before I started the project. I started it, ran it for 10 minutes to break everythig in and turned it off. Only difference is that now it does not blow white smoke. Still starts hard, still has a substantial miss and now when I re-started it has a really loud tapping noise in cylinder one. (I assume rocker or follower). I am completely stressed out over this.. I just put $700 into this engine project and I fear nothing has really been remedied. Any suggestions from the mor eexperienced mechanics out there? I have no other car ( I am sharing one right now), I have little money left, and I am open to suggestions? Any help will be much appreciated.
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