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I completely agree with your comments.BMW 7-series is an excellent car as well-good choice!! But can I ask you a question "Why don't you go for the short-wheelbase version of 740 ?"I tried a 1995 740i(before I bought my S320L ) and a brand-new 1998 750iL(my friend's car).What I can tell is the swb 740i feels more like a BMW- It was so cool when cornering.It may be the most sporty and fun-to-drive sedan with quality ride("may be" since I haven't tried Audi A8 yet).However,I was a bit disapointed with my friend's 750iL as the car feels too long (but actually it is quite a bit shorter that S-class) especially when cornering- it is not as stable as the 740i with both sport and comfort suspension settings and there is nothing dealing with under and over steering but nautrally the whole 'plant' moving sidewards-not in a dangerous extent but enough to make you apply braking and never try it again!(I did a reasonable test-but not a test-pilot sytle driving).And the LWB doesn't give me enough road message to 'predict' the limit and when it comes (instead I found plenty of them in the SWB).Rather than that both of them get a very handsome 'barvarian' styish look and I love the inside decoration- very classy and make you feel you are out of the crowd.(especially the whole leather panel and premium sound system in 750).If I choose a 7-seies to ride rather than drive-LWB is better.but if I want both-I would sacrifice a little more room for a lot more fun.
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