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Unhappy More then I asked for, but should I have to pay?

I'll start from the beginning... Tuesday I called the shop I take my car to for this type of work to schedule a transmission fluid change. I asked if they mind if I provide the filter (as I hadnít ever provided my own parts before) and she said not a problem we donít mind doing that. The estimate is $70 for the fluid change and you provide the filter, $125 and we'll provide the filter. So I check Fast lane and order the filter for the transmission and one for my engine oil as I knew I would be doing that soon also. I had the engine oil filter sitting on my passenger seat but I took the transmission filter in the receptionist when I brought my car in. A friend picked me up and I went to help him move and I came back to pick up my car after hours and they had changed my transmission fluid and my engine oil. I was going to change the oil myself this weekend, even had Mobil 1 in the trunk. Also the transmission service was $105 fluid $16.90 and oil change was $21 and oil $15.96. Itís not like they rebuilt the engine without asking but I still donít feel like itís a mistake I should take responsibility for. I also donít want to make a bad relationship with the shop. Suggestions would be helpful as I'll need to pay the bill soon.

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