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Brand Flame War or not, different people have different tastes. I used to own BMWs(520i, 535i, 740i, 750il, 850i), and I tell you, the most enjoyable I ever had is the 740i. It's fast, coners great, and not too big. 850i, despites its sporty sppearance, drives almost the same as the 750iL(1990). But when I got my '92 400SE, I realized that I have been such a fool getting a 850i. 400SE rides alot smooth, and corners just about the same(850i still coners better though) with Pirelli tires/18" wheel combo.

The 3-point star on the hood really show the "class". And I am totally agree with it.

As Lee stated, don't let it became another flame war. Shouldn't we be glad that we have these chances to own such nice automobiles??

Happy Motoring.....
Andy Kuo
'92 400SE