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Euro287 pretty much nailed it. If the dealer doesn't think the chain is an issue, ask them to warrantee it for 12 months as part of the deal. Now watch the salesman's knees buckle. If they won't go for that, check the private party sales. You will probably find an equally fine 420SEL for a lot less money which will leave you with extra cash to take care of any problems that may come up. AS i have mentioned in another post, these dealer million point inspections don't add up to much. A good example came from one response on the post where a guy bought a car under the STARMARK program. The wiring harness disintegrated,a known problem. The car failed and had to be towed in. Why did the dealer let the poor guy twist in the wind? As another poster asked, why wasn't it replaced during the million point inspection? A friend of mine bought a BMW from a BMW dealer where it went through a million point inspection. The rear brake pads were down to the limit. These are just my thoughts.

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