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Dear Gentlemen,
I completely agree with you that 'different cars suit different people's taste' and 'our butts will tell which one is best for us '.The objective that I have written that opinions is NOT make any comments or tell which brand or model is better but just share my experience or feelings with any other who interest in those cars like me.I expect to tell my own opinion as well as opinions or experiences from the others.It is too sad if it becomes a flame war.I love cars...I love Mercedes,B.M.W.,Lexus...they are all built with top quality and they are all MASTERPIECES that deserve the best!What I really expect to talk here is driving experience and feelings on those fine arts but not say which one is better or worst since it is competely personal perference and that's why they got so many customers or enthusiasm of their own.Whichever model gives you the most that you want,then go for it!just that simple!I personally don't want to see any aggressive comment that hurts anyone here.We are all car enthusiastics,I would be so happy to see anyone to share their experience or comment on cars since that is the WAY I LEARN something/experience that I have never had.I think that should be the way we make 'web mates'- SHARE MINE AND LEARN FROM THE OTHERS and this is the innocent and only reason that I write those about my experience!Hope that's the way we are.I really like any of you. You guides are so COOL!! From DAVIS LO