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I like the idea of having a one up on the shop and as mentioned on the previous posts they generally do things that need be done in the process, it gets a wiper blade when it needs one without me requesting, a belt is replaced if its going to need it soon and things like that and I appreciate it. Sometimes I look at it as generating revenue... other times I see it as being aware of the car and taking the time to be personal. The shop says I need a new air filter then I'll have them replace it, did they create revenue or were they taking the time to do routine checks while it was in the shop? I guess thatís a reasonable question to ask as even though itís a personal shop, itís still a business. I know the receptionist, they know me by name, I talk to Jim, the head mechanic etc. and I'll be doing business there again so I think I'll pay it, and then request them to next time give me a call before they change the oil unless its been requested. Sound reasonable on my part?

Thanks for the comments!

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