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Chris Ecklund
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1. Fuel stabilzers are a good bet, but this is something for long term storage only, like 6 months or so.

2. Start with super premium fuel,

3. Put fuel stabilzer in empty tank.

4. Fill up tank

5. You must drive the car for a few miles or so, in order for the treatment to fully make its way throught the entire fuel system, filters, injectors, etc... This critical part is overlooked or not known by many.

6. Here in the north, we at times put more than the man. recommends in the tank, so be aware of some plug fouling or rough running when you start it up 6 months later.

7. And a tip for long term storage at the airport, if it is there for weeks or months on end, have a friend come by and give the battery a slow charge, or do what I have done, and take the battery out, and have a friend come back with the battery, warm and fully charged.

Chris Ecklund
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