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Different situation, but worth noting:

I had my wheels/tires balanced at one of our local dealers. The next day, we left for Vancouver on vacation. Immediately I noticed a bad vibration.

By the time we got to Kamloops, I couldn't bear it any longer. I got an indie tire shop to rebalance the wheels. Perfect.

I pointed this out tot he service manager when I got home. He immediately offered to reimburse me for the wheel-balancing cost we incurred on the highway. It was about $40.00.

I never said much about it, and didn't bring in the bill. I wrote it off as "just one of those things."

Usually, when I do take the car in for service, I get a free loaner and my car comes back washed. Since this mishap, I still get a free loaner, but now they say "don't worry about the gas, we'll fill it." (They have a policy that you re-fill the tank) And now, instead of washed, my car comes back fully detailed. They have shampooed the carpet mats, and last time the car was in, it was hand waxed.

So, was it worth the $40.00 to me? Sure. I don't know for sure if the service manager gives me this extra service just because I didn't hassle him over the wheel balancing, but these little extras started the very next time I brought my car in.

When I was the automotive electronics biz, we appreciated that goofs happened, but were willing to make things right. However, some of our long-term customers were willing to let us off the hook, and we made sure that they got "paid-back" 10 times over.

If this shop is one that you have a good relationship, you might just eat it, and hope they have the good sense to come back with greater benefits to you over the long haul. Make sure you let them know about the problem.

Or, you could politely point out the goof, and wait for them to respond. It's up to you. But, it's only a few bucks...
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