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Eurowerks '09- June 27th Mpls

This is a show held by the local club I am a member of. Wouldn't mind seeing more of a Mercedes representation, as it is the show is way too heavy on the VWs if you ask me. Even if you don't show, you should come out.

From their site:
'08 was a great year for us. we had around 200 cars. They ranged from vw, bmw, to ferrari and porsche. A huge range of marques from a ton of model years. we have an awesome class system that allows all marques to compete with each other fairly. Its pretty neat you can check it out on the site.

If anyone has been to h20, its got a similar feel. We have a strip that gets cruised by all kinds of muscle, ricers, imports, and euros. Us being there on fri and sat night makes it a pretty epic night at "university" ave. We have discounted rates on hotels, so keep an eye out for that if you are coming.

PLEASE pre-register if you are coming from out of state. Space is severely limited. If you arent going to pre-register, dont come. I would hate for someone to get left out after driving all that way.

We have coverage in PVW, eurotuner, PBMW and more... It is the premiere show in the midwest. (unless you think garbage like HIN is cool)

Here are some photos from last year!

The show is held at a historic brewery in downtown minneapolis. its gorgeous. The lot is all brand new asphalt, and rocks.

trike race and modification competition:

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