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Pretty much all advice given here can be considered "shooting from the hip" when it comes right down to it. No one should consider all of this advice as 100% accurate, I would be hesitant to have anyone have a repair done based solely on someones advice who has not looked at the car.
I stand by my comments that usually a 103 engine head gasket failure displays itself as oil getting into the coolant, not an external leak----I said "usually", and 104's usually have external oil leaks as being discussed here.
If other technicians want to disagree, they are free to voice their opinions. Maybe southern Wisconsin is just some Bermuda Triangle of 103 head gaskets, and that's why this external leak from the gasket itself seems to be non-existent. Lip seals, tons of those.
Peter, so you've never seen a 103 with oil in the coolant, is that what you are implying?
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