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Guys thanks for all the help. Let me bring you up to where I am. Finally got to take a look at this in the light when I had more time. I popped off the shifter cover--the one that covers the shifter pattern lettering and the flex cover. Now I need to take a good look at how the wooden handle comes off the shifter shaft since it is almost impossible to access either the bulb or the socket without pulling the cover completely off. I suspect it's a nut arrangement under the handle, but who knows, on these cars it seems like everything has a special tool or technique that just isn't common sense in most cases. I haven't done the basic electrical test on the two unplugged wires--that's next. One other thing I have not checked yet is my backup lights--could this be the wiring for that ? I know how to simply eliminate that as a possibility as well. Will let you all know--George
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